Sunday School

We offer classes for all ages, from nursery through adult.  The Bible, along with Bible-based study materials, are used to provide every family member an opportunity to learn God's word and interact with others as they think about the application of Bible truth to our lives.

Our children's program (K thru 6th grade) is designed to present biblical truth in an exciting manner on a level easy for children to understand.  Even the youngest child can learn more about God's beautiful world and their place in it.

Our program for teens (7th thru 12th grades) emphasizes fellowship, discipleship and Bible study.  Teens learn how to study the Bible for themselves, and see how the Bible guides them in important decisions.

Adults learn to become skilled in bible study, and consider how to develop a biblical worldview.  Growth in character as well as knowledge is stressed!.  This Fall, our Women's Class is studying the "Fruit of the Spirit."  Our other class offering (both men and women welcome) will embark on a study of life principles observed from prominent individuals from the pages of the Bible.  In addition, a new class is forming for "young adults," which seeks to relate Bible truth to contemporary issues.

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Defining moments!  Moments when our words or actions under pressure will define our character and our reputation.

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