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Defining Moments
by Pastor Jim Camlin
Defining moments!  One morning you wake up, totally unaware that today you will make a decision that will define your life for years to come.  If you had known this moment was approaching, you would have prepared for it.  But you didn't.  Such moments will cast us in either a positive or negative light.  We can be defined as much by noble actions and words as by tragic ones.

Each of us will experience moments that are far more important then all the others.  In these moments we will say or do something because such behavior has become second nature to us.  But the consequences will be drastically different.  This one act may become a permanent snapshot of our lives that we will be unable to erase.  When others look at us, that action, those words, that one moment, will dominate their thoughts. It will become our defining moment.

That moment is coming, and you won't be able to escape it.  Right now you are cultivating habits and thoughts that will lead you inexorably to that moment.  When it comes you will act as you have many times before, only this time, the consequences will be magnified.  You can hope you will say or do the right thing, or you can prepare for that moment now.

Our character is the scene of great battles. In the last analysis, it will nudge us in one direction or another.  Fortunately, we can learn from those who have gone before us.  The Bible is full of defining moments, both good and bad.  Real people in real-life situations, just like us.  From their examples we can learn how to prepare for our own defining moments.  In the pages of Scripture we meet people who weren't ready for their moment, and see the terrible tragedy that ensued.  But we also meet those who were ready, and learn what made the difference.

Recently I preached a series of messages based on these biblical defining moments.  To receive a brochure outlining these devotional lessons, just drop us a note - by USPS or e-mail (see "Contact" link), and we'll be happy to send you "Defining Moments," absolutely free.